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Professional hair treatments near me
Quality hair treatments in northwest Indiana

We know the healing powers of professional hair care, so that’s why we have designed our specialized treatments to give your hair an extra dose of targeted attention. Whether your hair is damaged from over-processing and in need of repair, or dehydrated and requires intense hydration, we have the solution. Frizz and expansion control, toning and color staying power, scalp and density solutions, or just to add luster and shine, these are a few reasons why you would take advantage of a personalized treatment plan. In just one session, you will be able to see and feel the difference in the health of your hair.

**Listed below are our Level 1 Starting Prices. Please keep in mind prices vary depending on Level of Hair Stylist, Time Spent, Product Used, and Density of Hair. Please see our About Page for a more in-depth explanation about our Level System. To obtain the most accurate and custom pricing, reach out for a complimentary consultation.**

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What We Offer

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