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Extension services at Downtown Hair Studio
Professional extensions near me

When you want a more full and complete look, let our Extensions Team put you together with their highly trained techniques and our even higher quality extension products. Extensions are for everyone. Whether you're looking to add hair for length, volume, or even for color changes, we have solutions for what you dream of. Please book a complimentary consultation to discover the possibilities for your look.

**Listed below are our Level 1 Starting Prices. Please keep in mind prices vary depending on Level of Hair Stylist, Time Spent, Product Used, and Density of Hair. Please see our About Page for a more in-depth explanation about our Level System. To obtain the most accurate and custom pricing, reach out for a complimentary consultation.**

What we Offer | Extensions

What We Offer

Tape In Install (plus hair, per pack)


Weft Maintenance (per row)


Tape In Maintenance (per pack)


Weft Move Up


Weft Install (plus hair, per row)


I Tip (per bundle)


K Tip (per bundle)



$10 per bead

Feather Extensions


Feather Bundle 3


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